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May 5th, 2021

Having bid farewell to one another pre-lockdown, and a long 3 months of absence, touch rugby is
back on.

Sessions kick started back in March following the announcement that ‘Return to Rugby’ was allowed
under Stage D1. We are currently under ‘Stage 4’ when it comes to England Touch. This means that
the following is possible:

• Club training, including intra-club matches
• Local leagues, i.e. teams from the same town, or area
• Fixtures between two teams from different towns
• Local tournaments of up to four teams

Should the reduction in Covid-19 cases continue and the UK Government move to its next step out
of lockdown, then England Touch will move into Stage 5: Regional on April 26th. This is expected to

• Regional tournaments of up to eight clubs
• Regional training and development activity
• In-person coaching and referee courses at regional locations

Wednesday sessions are already highly popular with attendance growing week on week. It’s great to
be back out there with ball in hand again and we look forward to hopefully playing some competitive
games over the next couple of months.

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