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VP Team Pitch In

May 5th, 2021

During the off season our VPs have been hard at work with pitch improvements at the field of dreams.

As many away teams will know, during the winter months, the Field of Dreams can become the Bog of Despair with pooling water at one end of the pitch and churned up turf. 

To combat this and ready us for the start of the new season, the VPs enlisted the help of heavy machinery and some strong hands to improve the drainage of the pitch/ This will help prevent any further water spots and churned up turf in the colder and wetter months. This will in turn provide us with a much firmer pitch during the colder months and it will help us manage the pitch better moving forward. 

Thank you to all those involved. Your hard work and efforts don't go unnoticed by the players or coaching staff.

Here's to a less boggy 2021 season! 

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